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"I go to prepare a place for you." (2020-21)
marimba (5.0)

Skyglow (2020)
marimba + fixed media
commissioned by Modern Marimba

Unarmed Truth (2020)
vibraphone + fixed media
commissioned by Modern Marimba

Disarm & Defund (2020)
commissioned by Cameron Denby

Stadiums (2019-20)

Where Truth Lives (2019)
for solo cello

2-6 players

Homegoing (2022)

four people and indeterminate objects
commissioned by Cameron Denby

Four Corners (2021)
mallet quartet
commissioned by Cameron Denby

The Blacker the Berry (2021)
percussion duo
consortium between Prism Percussion, Spectrum Ensemble, and Modern Marimba

unearth (2021)
percussion sextet
commissioned by Douglas Anderson School of the Arts

Shared Space (2020)
violin and piano

Traffic Stop (2019)
string quartet + fixed media

Absence, Presence (IP)*
flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, marimba, piano

*IP= in progress


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