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solo marimba

​Aldridge, Robert - "Hymn" from From My Little Island

Bach, J.S. - Largo (Sonata No. 3 for Unaccompanied Violin)

Bynes, Mason - Broomsticks*

Cage, John - In a Landscape

Davis, Steph - I go to prepare a place for you

Davis, Steph - Stadiums (vibraphone)^

Gabriel, Ana - A la Orilla de un Palmar

Hatzis, Christos - In the Fire of Conflict (marimba, crotales, electronics)

Johnson, J. Rosamond - Lift Every Voice and Sing*

Kinney, Viola L. - Mother's Sacrifice*

Lymon, Antonio C. - of thoughts and thinking

Mackey, Steven - See Ya Thursday

Maslanka, David - Variations on Lost Love

Moore, Undine Smith - Before I'd be a Slave*

Naito, Akemi - Memory of the Woods

Netzer, Osnat - Taksim

Sejourne, Emmanuel - Nancy

Sheppard, Suzanne - Suite for Solo Marimba

Singleton, Alvin - Agoru VI.

Spencer, Julie - Brothers in Peace

Spiritual - Deep River*

Stout, Gordon - Beads of Glass

Thomas, Andrew - Merlin

Traditional Guun (Kakraba Lobi, Arr. Valerie Naranjo) - Goodbye

Traditional Manding Gyil Song (Kakraba Lobi, Arr. Valerie Naranjo) - Far Far Song

Voth, Alissa - If you go there (the cherry tree carol)+^

Wallen, Errollyn - Remember Marimba

Wijeratne, Dinuk - The Spirit & the Dust 

marimba duo

Bonds, Margaret - Troubled Water*

Frank, Gabriela Lena - Danza Del Saqsampillo

Perry, Julia - Prelude for Piano*

Solomon, Joyce - A Summer afternoon in South Carolina*

Taylor, Mathew Evan - Music for Two Marimbas

Walker, George - Lyric for Strings*

violin and marimba

Coltrane, John (arr. Thomas Oboe Lee) - Naima

Holland, Jonathan Bailey - Calibrating​

León, Tania - De Color

Snowden, Steven - Through the Looking Glass (with electronics)

Walker, George - Sonata No. 1 for Violin and Piano*

bass clarinet and marimba

Chari, Avis - Playlists (with electronics)^

Duggan, Christa - Suave (B-flat clarinet)^

Holland, Jonathan Bailey - Rebounds

Johnson, Mikhail - Ton yo han mek fashan

Volness, Kirsten - A Year Without Summer (with fixed media)


cello and marimba

Golijov, Osvaldo - Mariel

Herbison, Saunders Geraldine - Saltarello*

Okpebholo, Shawn E. - Distance

Wallen, Errollyn - Dervish*

Wallen, Errollyn - Walking Me to Work*

soprano and marimba

Burleigh, Harry - Motherless Child*

Moore, Undine Smith - Watch and Pray*

Price, Florence - Resignation* 

marimba/vibraphone in mixed chamber ensemble

Davis, Steph - Presence, Absence (alto flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, marimba, and piano)

Lancaster, Yaz - firn (violin, cello, marimba)

Zheng, Bilin - Idealism (flute, soprano saxophone, piano, marimba, violin, bass)^

Loggins-Hull, Allison - Pattern (violin, cello, flute, clarinet, vibraphone/drums, piano)


Sejourne, Emmanuel - Double Concerto for Marimba and Vibraphone

​​* = arranged or adapted by Steph

+ = written for Steph

^ = world premier


Photo by Laura Virginia Pernas. Copyright 2020 Boston Conservatory at Berklee

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