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My Philosophy

Curiosity, creativity, and imagination are essential to building and sustaining a healthy society. For that reason, I believe stretching the creativity and imagination of my students is essential to helping them become engaged global citizens and great musicians. My teaching is inspired by high expectations, sonic curiosity,  personal expression, and my own deep love for the marimba. 

Marimba Studio Information​

Students in my private marimba studio have ranged from those just beginning to play the marimba, high school students auditioning for university percussion programs, and university percussion students seeking specialized instruction on the marimba. Helping each student find their unique voice on the instrument is the primary goal behind the work we do in private lessons. My students can expect to develop a musical approach to the instrument, build a personal and diverse collection of repertoire, maximize their expressivity, and develop an understanding of the relationship between their body, mind, and the instrument. 

Other Teaching Engagements

  • Various Teaching Offerings with Castle of Our Skins

  • Marimba Clinics/Masterclasses

  • Chamber Ensemble Coachings

  • Private lessons in Composition and Music Theory

  • Antiracism Consultations


Contact me for all teaching inquires. 

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